What is an operational audit?

We often get asked that question and our first response is that they are not financial audits, but they can help drive significant financial improvements. Operational Audits focus on key processes, procedures and systems the main objective being to improve efficiency, productivity and ultimately profitability. If you find yourself blaming your workers because you are…

We are turning the world upside down.

There are plenty of Consultants who help businesses respond to tenders. We don’t do that. We help organisations save money by running tender processes for them. Whether that be for things like audit services or office supplies, IT service contracts or one off purchases. Building maintenance services, or outsourced administration and call centres. We don’t…

Meet Mike

Meet Mike

Mike is the CEO of a mid-sized Australian company. You might notice that he has a smile on his face and be wondering why. He has just saved over $100,000 for his business which is going to flow straight to the bottom line.