Every business goes through various stages. Understanding what stage your business is at can help guide how you go about planning, prioritizing actions and managing your business.

Academics and Consultants will often suggest that there are between 5 and 8 business stages and whilst we don’t disagree, we believe they can be boiled down to 2 simple concepts. Getting off the ground and escaping gravity.

Getting off the ground is the start-up phase, through to having a viable business that could go on to greater things.

Escaping gravity is having a business which is not just viable but is sustainable and is continuing to grow and achieve ongoing success. Escape Velocity (EV) is the speed an object, such as a rocket, must reach in order to break away from earths gravity and travel into space. If the object doesn’t achieve EV, it simply falls back to earth irrespective of how successful it was in getting off the ground. So it is with business too.

Mainstay Business Services can help your business reach Escape Velocity. From helping you to establish a presence in your chosen marketplace, through to helping you to develop operational excellence.